Welcome to Union Studio Metals.

Unions Studio Metals was founded by two young industrious metalsmiths, Michelle Keller and Margarett Ritter, they met as neighbors on either side of a duplex. After a stint running an educational nonprofit promoting Craft in Boise, ID the duo moved back toward their studio artist hearts and thus Union Studio Metals was born.

Union Studio Metals believes that materials push the designs and with a healthy dose of experimentation each one-of-a-kind piece is created. Union stands by the importance of hand crafted objects therefore all USM pieces are created by either Michelle and/or Margarett. All of the stones included in our pieces are handpicked from individual mom & pop rock shops around the west. USM has 5 important values that drive their business: be ethical, be sincere, be honest, live the dream, and  laugh!


One response to “Home.

  1. I saw an amazing ring of yours in a shop in Newport Beach called LMNOP, which unfortunately just went out of business. The ring was a wide band with a single brass ball on top. I don’t see it on your website. Could you make another one?

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